These identifiers are in use by industry participants. A participant identifier is required to access electricity market systems and trade in the market.

Identifier Participant Distributor codes
ACCL AccuCal Limited
ACCM AccuCal Limited
ADMT Body Corporate 470177 (Elevate) EV
AIAL Auckland International Airport Limited TU AA
ALNT Alinta ENZ Limited
ALPE Alpine Energy Limited AL PC
ALPS Alpine Energy Limited
AMCI Bluecurrent Assets NZ Limited
AMPX Mons Ampere Limited
ANSL New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited
AOEN Aotearoa Energy Limited
ARCM Arc Innovations Limited
ARCS Arc Innovations Limited
AWFL Awhitu Windfarms Limited
BCHB Body Corporate 324537 BC
BCST Body Corporate 396711 - The Sentinel ST
BLUC Bluecurrent Assets NZ Limited
BOLD Bold Market Making NZ Limited
BOPD Pulse Energy Alliance LP
BOPE Intellihub Limited
BRAD Acropolis Energy Trading Limited
BRCK Body Corporate 483436 (Brickworks Apartments) BR
BRKN Brooklyn Electricity Limited
BUEL Buller Electricity Limited BU
CHBP Centralines Limited
CHCC Christchurch City Council
CHHE Oji Fibre Solutions
CKHK Wellington Electricity Lines Limited CK
CLMB Climber Power Limited
CMTY Comtricity Limited
CNIR Manawa Energy Limited
CNTL Centralines Limited CH
COUP Counties Energy Limited TU LC EE CN AD
COUS Counties Energy Limited
CPPL Pulse Energy Alliance LP
CPTS NAG Ventures Limited TS
CTCS Contact Energy Limited
CTCT Contact Energy Limited LP
CTCX Contact Energy Limited
CTPP Contact Energy Limited
CYPH Energy Market Services
DBEL Daybreak Energy Limited
DCOL Arthur D Riley & Co Limited
DEEP Deep Energy Limited
DELT Delta Utility Services Limited
DEOL Dynamic Energy (NZ) Limited
DHCL Drysdale Hydro Company Limited
DIVT Divster Limited
DMFL Stride Investment Management Limited DF
DPNZ Daiken Southland Limited
DUNE Aurora Energy Limited TU DE CE
DUNW Manawa Energy Limited DE
EANZ Electricity Authority
EASH Electricity Ashburton Limited EA
EASM Firstlight Network Limited
EAST Firstlight Network Limited WW EN
EBNZ Energy Bay Limited
ECCO Casa Ecco Limited
ECOS Ecosmart New Zealand Limited
ECOT Ecotricity Limited Partnership
EDCL Kinetic Networks Limited ED
EDCR Edison Energy Limited
EDGE Power Edge Limited
EKCI Electric Kiwi Limited
ELEC Electra Limited EL
ELEN Electra Energy Ltd
ELIN Electricity Invercargill Limited TU NV
ELIS Electricity Invercargill Limited
ELKI Electric Kiwi Limited
ELTX Electrix Limited
EMHT emhTrade Markets Limited
ENDL Energy Direct Limited
ENSL Embedded Network Services Limited
ERGY Enel X New Zealand Limited
ETRN eTrading Limited
EWSL Environmental Energy Company (EECO) Limited
FCLM Influx Energy Data Limited
FKLN Franklin Energy Limited
FLCH Fletcher Building Limited
FLCK Flick Energy Limited
FNSF Far North Solar Farm Limited
FOGY ForOurGood Limited
FONT Fonterra Commodities Limited
FRST First Electric Limited
GALX Galaxy Networks Limited GX
GBUG Glo-Bug Limited
GENE Genesis Energy Limited
GENF Genesis Energy Limited
GENH Genesis Energy Limited
GEOL Genesis Energy Limited
GIVE Paua to the People Limited
HALO Halo Networks Limited
HANE Hanergy Limited
HAWK Unison Networks Limited UN TU QT HR HB CH
HEDL Horizon Energy Distribution Limited Trading as Horizon Networks BP
HETL Haast Energy Trading Limited
HGED Hygrid Energy Ltd
HGEL Hygrid Energy Ltd
HNET Nova Energy Limited
HYDE Hydro Energy Ltd
IAMP AA Power Limited
IDPL ID Power Limited
IHUB Intellihub Limited
INDS IndeServe Limited
ISNZ Infrastructure Solutions New Zealand Limited
KCEM King Country Energy Limited
KEAE Kea Energy Limited
KING King Country Energy Limited
KIPT Kiwi Property Group Limited WE UN TR KP CP
KIWI Whareroa Co-Generation Limited
KPOW K Power Limited
LAKE Waipa Networks Limited LW
LGNZ Landis & Gyr Pty. Limited
LINE The Lines Company Limited WM
LLNW Lakeland Network Limited
LLNZ Lakeland Network Limited EO
LMGL Influx Energy Data Limited
LMSN LMS Energy NZ Limited
LNGZ Landis & Gyr Limited
LODE Lodestone Solar Limited
LTNZ Life Trading NZ Limited
MACQ Goodman Nominee (NZ) Limited
MANT Softpower Limited
MARL Marlborough Lines Limited ML US
MEEN Mercury NZ Limited
MEFL Macquarie Equipment Finance Limited
MELL Macquarie Equipment Finance Limited
MERG Meridian Energy Limited
MERI Meridian Energy Limited
MERQ Body Corporate 472616 (Merchant Quarter) ME
MERX Meridian Energy Limited
META Metamorphic Solutions Limited
MMAE MMA Energy NZ Limited
MNZL Mercuria New Zealand Limited
MOPO Mountain Power Limited MO
MPAS MainPower New Zealand Limited
MPOM MainPower New Zealand Limited
MPOS On Metering Limited
MPOW MainPower New Zealand Limited MP KE
MQBK Macquarie Bank Limited
MRPD Mercury NZ Limited MR
MRPL Mercury NZ Limited
MTPX Brookfield Multiplex Funds Management Limited MT
MTRX Intellihub Limited
MWEL Mid Western Energy Ltd
MYST Awhitu Windfarms Limited
NAPJ Nga Awa Purua Joint Venture
NELS Nelson Electricity Limited CT TU
NEXB Nexbe Limited
NEXG Nextgen Energy Ltd
NGAG Ngawha Generation Limited
NGCM Bluecurrent Assets NZ Limited
NGCS Bluecurrent Assets NZ Limited
NODT Nodal Traders Limited
NPEL Newpower Energy Limited
NPOW Northpower Limited NR RN
NWLK Network Waitaki Limited
NWLM Network Waitaki Limited
NZAB New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited
NZAF New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited
NZAL New Zealand Airways Limited NZ
NZAP New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited
NZAS New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited AS
NZCM Energy Clearing House Limited
NZFM Transpower New Zealand Limited - FTR Manager
NZRN KiwiRail Holdings Limited
NZRP NZ Retail Property Group Limited RG
NZSC New Zealand Steel Limited
NZSD New Zealand Steel Limited
NZSO Transpower New Zealand Limited - System Operator
NZSP New Zealand Steel Limited
NZST New Zealand Steel Limited NS
NZWF NZ Windfarms Limited
NZWM NZX Limited
OCTO Octopus Energy NZ Limited
OMFM Jarden Securities Limited
OMVP OMV NZ Production Limited 
ONEK Onekaka Energy Limited
ONKK Onekaka Energy Limited
ONMS On Metering Limited
OPHL NewPower Energy Limited
ORON Orion New Zealand Limited TU SP RN IN
ORSL Orange Services Limited
OSHO Basis NZ Ltd
OTPO OtagoNet Joint Venture US TU TG OT
OURP NewPower Energy Limited
OYST Oyster Networks Limited OY
PANP Pan Pac Forest Products Limited PP
PAUA Paua to the People Limited
PBCL PBC Limited trading
PEAK Papakura Power Limited
PFIL Property For Industry Limited
PINE Body Corporate 497775 (The Pines Apartments) PE
PION Pioneer Energy Limited
PLEL Payless Energy Limited
PLTM Platinum Power Retail Limited
PLUS Plus Energy Limited
PMAN NZX Limited - Pricing Manager
PNCC Palmerston North City Council
POLO Polo Properties (2000) Ltd PO
PPFP Pan Pac Forest Products Limited
PPNZ Precinct Properties Holdings Limited PN
PPPP Pulse Energy Alliance LP
PPTL Pace Property Management Limited AC
PRAV Powerav Limited
PRME Prime Energy Limited
PRMH Prime Energy Limited
PSNZ Meridian Energy Limited
PTNP Port Taranaki Limited
PUNZ Pulse Energy Alliance LP
PWNT PowerNet Limited
PWSD Powershed Holdings Limited
RAWE Raw Energy Limited
RAYN Daiken Southland Limited DC
RERL Rural Energy Retail Limited
RFNZ Channel Infrastructure NZ Limited
RGLN WEL Networks Limited
RJEN Robt. Jones Electricity Network Limited RJ
RMAN NZX Limited - Reconciliation Manager
RUAK Ruakura EDB Limited Partnership
SABL Sabina Limited SB
SCAN Scanpower Limited CA
SCHL South City Holdings Limited SC
SELS Simply Energy
SIEM Siemens (N.Z.) Limited
SIMP Simply Energy
SMAL Northcote RD 1 Holdings Limited SF
SMCO SmartCo Limited
SMRT Smart Net Limited
SOHZ Liberta Systems Limited
SOLE Solid Energy NZ Ltd SE
SOLR Auckland Commercial Solar Limited
SPEL South Pacific Energy Limited
SPNZ SolarPunk Limited
SPWR Secure Power Limited
SRGF Waipa Networks Limited
STAK Stack Power Limited
STLD Switch Trading Limited
STRM Bluecurrent Assets NZ Limited
SUPE Auckland Commercial Solar Limited
SUST Sustainability Trust
SWCH Switch Utilities Limited
SWET Smartwin Energy Trading Limited
SZRO solarZero Limited
TAOM Eastland Generation Limited
TASM Network Tasman Limited NT TN
TASS Network Tasman Limited
TENC The Embedded Network Company Limited
TENR The Embedded Network Company Limited
TGTL Nova Energy Limited
TIKL Tuaropaki Kaitiaki Limited TK
TLNT Telnet Energy Limited
TNPT The National Property Trust Investments Limited NP
TODD Nova Energy Limited
TOLQ 318 Lambton Quay Limited LQ
TOPE Top Energy Limited BP TE
TPCO The Power Company Limited WE TU TP PC HE
TPCS The Power Company Limited
TPEN Twin Peaks Energy
TPNZ Transpower New Zealand Limited - Grid Owner
TRPG Manawa Energy Limited
TRSV Ventia NZ Operations Limited
TRUM Influx Energy Data Limited
TRUS Mercury NZ Limited
TRWS TWS Energy Controls Limited
TTSR Asset Plus Limited SR
TTTL Tensor NZ Limited
TUAR Tuaropaki Power Company Limited TA
TUIH Tuihana Networks Limited UH
TUMG Total Utilities Management Group Limited
UTIL Utilise Limited
VCOM Bluecurrent NZ Limited
VDNZ NZ Hotel Viaduct Management LP
VIVE Vivienne Court Trading Pty Ltd
VMOL Viewmount Orchards Limited VM
WAIK WEL Networks Limited WE UN TU BB
WAIP Waipa Networks Limited WE WA TU
WASN WEL Networks Limited
WATA Network Waitaki Limited WT TU
WCSL Watercare Services Limited
WELL Wells Instrument and Electrical Services Limited
WENE Waikanae ENE Limited
WFNZ Scentre Shopping Centre Management (NZ) Limited WF WE UN LC
WISE Nova Energy Limited
WKTO Energy Waikato Limited
WNET WEL Networks Limited
WNSP Winstone Pulp International Limited
WNST Winstone Pulp International Limited
WPOW Westpower Limited WP WE TU
WPWF Waverley Wind Farm Limited Trading as Waipipi Wind Farm
YESJ Solar Energy Services Ltd
YESP Kakariki Power Limited
YRLS Yrless Limited
ZEUS Zeus Energy Limited

These non-participant identifiers are in use by third-party providers. Third-party providers need a non-participant identifier to query registry connection data and to request customer data/tariff information from retailers.

Organisation Identifier
AirSuite Limited 3AIR
Anglican Care 3ANG
Digital Stock 3ARC
Blockspace Limited 3BTC
CarbonTrail Limited 3CBN
Community Energy Action Trust 3CEA
Clean Energy Partners 3CEP
Cortexo Limited 3CXO
Daybreak Energy Ltd 3DBE
Data Insight Ltd 3DIN
Ecocute Limited 3ECO
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority 3EEC
E2 Solutions 3EES
Empower Energy Charitable Trust 3EET 3EMB
Energy Solution Partners Ltd 3ESP
Funcsol Limited 3FUN
GDN Solar 3GDN
Integrity Solar Ltd 3ISL
Karit NZ Limited 3KAR
Lumina Limited 3LUM
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research 3MOT
Octopus Energy NZ Limited 3OCT
University of Otago 3OTA
Doyen Limied T/A Power Deals 4U 3PDF
PowerNet Limited 3PNL
Stephenson & Turner NZ Limited 3SNT
Softpower Limited 3SUN
Solar Vision Limited 3SVL
Tether Limited 3TET
The Lever Room 3TLR
Team Power Ltd 3TPL
Total Utilities Management Group 3TUM
Veolia ANZ 3VEO
Whare Hauora 3WHA
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research 3WKS
Water Outlook Limited 3WTR